About Us

Deep Soul Down assists contemporary humans in living a practical life that is rooted in and enriched from the deep Source that is the Soul: The substance matter that sits at the core of Reality as we experience it.

We invite you to come along with us on a journey where you and we learn and explore such matters as:

— What is the Soul?
— What is it composed of?
— How does it affect your day to day life?
— How does your daily life engage with and affect the Soul, or your relation to it?
— How can you enrich your soul and the World Soul in return.
— Knowing, Interpreting, Using the languages and signs and signals of the Soul.
— What does it all matter to you?
— How do YOU matter to it all, and why do we need you?

We assert that all these matters are of a nature that is important, and often, very urgent. That the non-urgent and daily moments of life are a kind of preparation for the urgent and deep meeting with and ultimately abidance in the Soul.

Finally, we assure you that there is a practical life through and after this. In fact our (somewhat unique) mission is to help you discover and live a life that is enriched and “powered” and illuminated and sustained by the Soul. You still eat and sleep and weep and long and lie down in that life. However the quality and experience of it is nothing like the ordinary illusion most of us have been living as a default version of life.

Two things:

ONE: THIS IS POTENTIALLY AVAILABLE TO ALL, and it doesn’t rob any one person or group if another lives it. That is the secret of the power and mystery and abundance of Soul: It is sufficient for all, at once, without robbing or taking from another. It is not linear. Multitudes sum up in its quintessence.

TWO: Some people and group, almost by necessity, are born on the other end of the spectrum: they are not born within the ordinary illusion; they see what is clear and right. Once upon a time, the cultures of the world were trained to see their gifted and knowing persons. They may not have been WELCOMING to the seers, sages and prophets, but they surely knew them. In our times, alas, we have taken to abolish the gifted through practically chaining, restricting, medicating them. This is making a great treasure of knowing and insight disappear from the World just when we need it most. Part of our work at Deep Soul Down is with these gifted and knowing persons and groups; to assist them in living and carrying on, and make use of their genius, knowing, insight and potential. In this way, they are made useful to themselves and the world that they abide in.


DEEP SOUL DOWN is a service offered by a semi-nomadic, going off-grid Mother of one child — Ana Sofia Maria. Read more about her and her family here.